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about us

national folkart


In 1994 AS Kodukäsitöö was established, OÜ Kodukäsitöö since 1996.
We consider national handicrafts to be important as a cultural phenomenon and a source of livelihood. We preserve and pass on national handicraft traditions: traditional alongside new creation. Our Tallinn handicraft shops have products of more than 200 masters and companies. We make national knitwear and folk costumes to order.

About history and connections...

In 1929 Eesti Kodutööstuse Edendamise Keskselts was created. The private limited Kodukäsitöö operated in cooperation with Keskselts. National handicrafts were made and marketed, exhibitions were organized. Knitwear inspired by folk art were especially popular.
In 1992 Eesti Kodutööstuse Edendamise Keskselts was restored, Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union since the year 2004. A sub-association of entrepreneurs started operating alongside with the restored Keskselts and OÜ Kodukäsitöö was registered in 1994, entitled to use the common logo of the Craft Union.