The history of weaving lace in Haapsalu dates back to a few centuries. This book brings you new triangular scarves created by Haapsalu scarf master and trainer Siiri Reimann.

The book contains a through tutorial on how to knit triangular Haapsalu scarves so that knitting starts from the top of the scarf. The advantage of this type of towel pattern is that each knitter can decide for themselves how big or small the weaves will be. The book contains 20 wonderful triangular towel patterns, in addition to the triangular towel pattern, there are also separate schemes of the basic patterns, according to which you can knit both Haapsalu scarves and other objects.

The towels created by Siiri are photographed with flowers in this book. The book is a beautiful gift.

Haapsalu lace knitting is one of the most fun hobbies in the world!

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