estonian knitting 1 – traditions and tehniques


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A comprehensive book on Estonian knitting culture used as a textbook.
Through centuries, knitters and yarns in Estonia have created their own beauty sphere – combining simple and complicated letters with just a glimpse of the phenomenon and eye-catcher, and put together the magic of color that touches us today. Gloves and stockings, sweaters and hats were not just body warmers, they defended and decorated, showed the carer’s care and skill.
Estonian knitting culture deserves to be rediscovered by every aspect, matching colors, choosing letters and using old techniques. Learning how to knit in Estonian!

• A brief overview of the history of knitting in the world.
• The oldest knitwear found in Estonia.
• An overview of articles that Estonians have on 18-19. century knit.
• Yarns and rods, and Estonian fabrics have regional color preferences.
• In-depth tutorials on drawing techniques used in Estonia.
• A total of 212 patterns and works from old Estonian items.
Book format: Hardcover
Pages: 312
Size: 300×225